BPW Axle Maintenance and Service Guide

Do you need to act now?

Your DVSA trailer annual test requirement may have been deferred as a result of Covid-19, but DO NOT defer your annualised hub maintenance service. Whether “on-road” (5 year) or “off-road” (3 year) operation this is a safety critical requirement that might cost you more than the VOR.

If your trailer is approaching that deadline, and you’re ready to go, we’ve put together some useful information to support your maintenance needs that your workshops or technicians can easily access through our TechZone.

10 months ago

BPW EcoPlus3 Hub Servicing Guide

If your BPW ECOPlus3 hub system is approaching 5 years old, a full hub service is required. To do this check out the procedure here. We also list the tools required to do the job.

1 year ago
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